Sempai Radu Tecuceanu

Radu Tecuceanu

Sempai Radu Tecuceanu - shodan (1st dan) Instructor

I’m a Romanian-Canadian with over 10 years karate experience in both countries. I participated in several competitions and really enjoyed them, so now I started my journey as a judge. I like to share my experience in practicing karate mostly by showing and doing, so you won’t hear me talking too much.

I think that karate is a way of life, a way of understanding yourself better, a way of getting more confident, balanced, coordinated, and flexible in body, mind and spirit. When it’s done properly and constantly, karate helps people in all aspects of their lives and I saw many good changes in so many people along the way.

I moved to Canada with my family in 2010 and we feel blessed to live in such a great country. My wife, Claudia, is a passionate and talented photographer, my eldest son, David, loves gymnastics and enjoys playing guitar, and my youngest son, Lucas, enjoys pretty much everything (he’s a wonderful 2 yo kid).

I really like tea, reading, hiking, biking and I just discovered my passion for woodworking (my family is excited, and I hope they’ll still be after I take up the whole garage for my projects and tools and materials and…)"

Facts about me

  • Started karate at 16 (after a few years of gymnastics).
  • Got the black belt, then stopped for too many years.
  • Started again in Canada and re-graded for the black belt.
  • Will never stop again!
  • Obsessed tea drinker.