Sempai Lisa Kowalsky

Lisa Kowalsky

Sempai Lisa Kowalsky - shodan (1st dan) Assistant Instructor

I began my Shotokan Karate practice at around 12 years of age, with Sensei Nancy Berreth. I have been with the dojo ever since, as it has grown and evolved, nearly twenty years now!

Given that I am working on my Master’s degree, I am not often seen at the dojo these days, and nearly all of my time is spent on campus instead. However I love to come and spar away the stress. When I’m neither at campus nor in the dojo, I can be found rock climbing, dancing Argentine Tango, cuddling my dogs, or in my kitchen creating new recipes with yummy things.

Facts about me

  • Even though I've kissed the Blarney stone, I still don't talk much.
  • I have seen an ancient Roman settlement that still has a functioning water well.
  • I have climbed a pyramid.
  • I can drink four coffees and still be too tired to function.
  • I have put my feet in the ocean on three separate continents.